Past Conferences

Held in odd-numbered years since 1989, IM 2017 follows the 29 years’ tradition of NOMS and IM as the primary IEEE Communications Society’s forum for technical exchange on management of information and communication technology focusing on research, development, integration, standards, service provisioning, and user communities.

Below are links to the most recent IM and NOMS editions:

  • NOMS 2016: Managing Everything toward a Secure, Smart, and Hyperconnected World (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • IM 2015: Integrated Management in the Age of Big Data (Ottawa, Canada)
  • NOMS 2014: Management in a Software Defined World (Krakow, Poland)
  • IM 2013: Smart Management in a Virtualized World (Ghent, Belgium)
  • NOMS 2012: Managing the Next Wave of Information and Communications Technologies (Maui, USA)
  • IM 2011: Effective and Energy Efficient Management of Networks and Services (Dublin, Ireland)
  • NOMS 2010: Towards Management of Future Networks and Services (Osaka, Japan)
  • IM 2009: Making Management Scalable, Robust, Cost-Effective and Revenue-Generating (New York, USA)
  • NOMS 2008: Pervasive Management for Ubiquitous Networks and Services (Salvador, Brazil)
  • IM 2007: Moving from bits to business value (Munich, Germany)
  • NOMS 2006: Management of Integrated End-to-end Communications and Services (Vancouver, Canada)
  • IM 2005: Managing New Networked Worlds (Nice, France)
  • NOMS 2004: Managing Next Generation Convergence Networks and Services (Seoul, Korea)
  • IM 2003: Managing it all! (Colorado Springs, USA)
  • NOMS 2002: Management Solutions for the New Communications World (Florence, Italy)
  • IM 2001: Integrated Management Strategies for the new Millennium (Seattle, USA)
  • NOMS 2000: The Networked Planet, Management Beyond 2000 (Honolulu, USA)